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We gather as a family of seekers and believers where all are welcome to discover the difference God can make in their lives. 

Worship is every Sunday at 10:00 am, with children heading off to Sunday school after the Children's Message.

(Sunday School takes a break during July and August, when worship begins at 9:30 am.)

Special services are held throughout the year in accordance with the Christian calendar and as events in our community and the world at large call for a response.

Please click below for a minute and a half "Community Greeting for Thanksgiving - 2021"

Click below to listen to previously archived sermons, or the "Sunday Sermon" button to download notes from a recent message.
Our weekly worship is streamed on Facebook, where previous services may be found.

Click below for our Christmas Eve's Virtual Choir's "Silent Night"

And - click below for a sermon from our former Pastor - Rich Reifsnyder - as we kicked off a weeklong celebration of our

150th Anniversary

on Sept. 17, 2023

Judges 7. 1-8: "Gideon - the Challenge to Trust" (3/15/20)

Description:  Gideon was challenged to trust God when he was called to deliver the people from the Midianites.  Where do we find ourselves challenged, and how can we trust?

Matt. 3.13 - 17: "Behold!" (01-12-20).mp3
00:00 / 22:24

Description: Jesus' baptism provided a "wow" moment to begin his ministry.  Where is the "wow" in your life?

Ezra 4.1-5: "Cooperation, or Compromise?" (11-3-19)
00:00 / 31:13
2 Sam. 3.16 - "Caught in the Middle" (9/22/19)
00:00 / 33:46
Ruth 3. 7-16: "Who Are You?" (9/8/19)
00:00 / 25:34
I Cor. 1.10-18: "Healing the Divide" (7/9/19)
Jn 20. 1-18: "The April Fool" (4/1/18 - Easter)
Joshua 24: "This Day" (11/12/17)
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